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Fuze Goes Bang!

Every year, Fuze holds a gallery to showcase its stellar lineup of photographers and put its name on the map. But in a city awash in gallery openings and parties, they needed to grab the attention of agency clients with an event that goes beyond the usual yawn-worthy opening and traditional gallery setting.

We created an homage to excess with Fuze Goes Bang! And what better place to experience sensory overload than the alleyway next to Honest Ed’s, Toronto’s over the top department store that’s legendary for its riot of blinking lights and punny hand-painted signs. With this as our inspiration, we created posters in three glossy screen-printed colours and cheeky, hand-painted slogans on balloons hovering over shopping carts overflowing with loot bags full of gumballs and popcorn. Together, they provided a visual Bang! for an epic party.

CGI: Pierre Bourjo


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