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MOCA Rebrand

A contemporary identity. Born 100-years ago. MOCA Toronto was moving into a 100+ year old factory space. Their new identity was derived from the building’s most iconic feature–columns that become thinner as they climb up the floors. The logo, type, collateral, product design and more were inspired by this. The design needed to be simple and neutral, so it wouldn’t distract from the art itself.

Photography: Arash Moaellmi + Mike Tjioe

MOCA Launch

for Support

1 in 100 Limited Edition Booklets. To raise funds, a limited edition ‘Call for support’ was created for 100 high-net-worth individuals. The 100 books were hand lettered by an artist in the future home of MOCA. The message was simple; each individual’s donation would play an important part in the bigger vision.

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111 Queen St. East, 3rd Floor
Toronto, M5C 1S2