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Uniqlo Toronto
Store Launch

Uncommon Thread. We think we are connected by what we have in common. Look deeper and you’ll realize we are actually connected by what makes us uncommon. Our quirks, idiosyncrasies, and fingerprints. How we each wear the same black t-shirt in 1000 different ways. That’s what makes us insta-worthy. That’s what makes us special to our friends and co-workers. That’s what makes Toronto special. Let’s celebrate everyone in this great city and use UNIQLO as the thread that connects us all.

The lineups—shot in a variety of iconic Toronto streetscapes—were featured in print, OOH, streetcar wraps and subway station dominations. In social media, we used the lineups as GIFs showing how UNIQLO clothing could be mixed, matched and combined to create any number of looks. Finally, in store lineup photography encouraged shoppers to discover how UNIQLO’s clothing could be the building blocks for self-expression.

Photography: Saty + Pratha

© Leo Burnett Design
111 Queen St. East, 3rd Floor
Toronto, M5C 1S2